Rainbow Loom Single Braclet





Introduction: Rainbow Loom Single Braclet

About: Mostly Rainbow Loom

Hey guys! This time round,I'm gonna show you how to make this simple single bracelet.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

A loom
A hook
A bit of bands
A C-clip or S-clip

Step 2: Set Up the Loom

Just set the loom up like in the picture.

Step 3: Placing the Bands

Starting at the POINT,place first band as shown. Then add the next band as shown.Repeat this until you reached the end of the loom.

Step 4: Looping

Turn the loom around and just follow the pictures.Repeat until the end of the loom.

Step 5: Final Steps

Attach your clip at the end and pull your bracelet of the loom.Take the other end of he bracelet and attach it to the clip.Now adjust your braclet until you're happy with it.You're done!

Step 6: Fun Stuff!

You can even shorten the length of your bracelet into a ring!Here's a picture.Have fun!



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    Nice, I love rainbow. One of my pupils gave one of these to me yesterday.