Rainbow Loom ~ Single Pattern (Learn Two Ways!)

Introduction: Rainbow Loom ~ Single Pattern (Learn Two Ways!)


Hi there! Today, I will be showing you how to make "Rainbow Loom - Single Pattern". It is pattern highly recommended for beginners. If you have any comments or questions please put them down below. I hope you will enjoy this tutorial and please follow me for more cool Rainbow Loom tutorials!

First, I'll be showing you how to make it with your hands. Then I'll be showing you how to make it on the board

Now let's begin!

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Step 1: What You Need

Since we are learning how to make it with our hands, we will only need loom bands, and an S or C clip

Step 2: Start With a Band

I have decided to start with a blue band but you can do what ever colour you want!

Step 3: Take Another Band

I have chosen the colour pink. Slip your second through your first band

Step 4: Fold Your Second Band

Follow as shown in the picture: Fold your second band (which is slipped through the first band)

Step 5: Take Another Band

This time, the band will be the same colour as your first band. If you're making a bracelet that has more colours than two, then it is your choice of the band colour

Step 6: Slip It Through Your Second Band

Follow as shown in the picture: Slip it through your second band

Step 7: Fold Again

Do just like you did to your second band: Fold

Step 8: Repeat to a Size That Will Fit Your Wrist

Repeat: Take a band and put it through the fold (double loop) and then fold. This is what it should look like

Step 9: The S/C Clip

You will need one of these. They are clear coloured

Step 10: Finishing Off

Get your clip and hook one end of your bracelet to one end of the clip. Then do the same to the other end. If you find it difficult to do it on the other end, then stretch it out (shown in the picture) and then hook it through.

You have learnt how to make a bracelet by hand! :) Now I'll be showing you how to make it on a loom board

Step 11: What You Will Need

Loom bands

A loom board

A loom took

A S or C clip

Step 12: Select Your Colours

I have decided yellow and blue, but you can choose what and how many colours you want

Step 13: Add Your First Band On

Firstly, have your board (pegs) facing AWAY from you. Then get your first band and stretch it from one peg diagonally to the peg on the right.

Step 14: Add on Another Band

Stretch another band from the right peg (with your first band) diagonally to the peg on the left.

Step 15: Continue the Zig-zag Pattern

Continue the pattern and here is what it should look like.

Step 16: Looping

Turn your board around so the pegs are facing YOU. Grab your hookand go into the peg, under the band on top and hook the bottom band. Then pull it upwards onto the other peg that is diagonal (diagonally right).

Step 17: Continue Looping

Do the same thing you did with the yellow band. Go under it and hook the blue band onto the diagonal right peg. This time, you will hook it onto the diagonal left peg. Keep doing that (right, left, right, left...)

Step 18: Finishing Off

Now take your bracelet off. Then get a S or C clip and clip one end of the bracelet and then do the same to the other.

You now have learnt another way to make a single pattern bracelet! :) If it is too small for your wrist, then make it by hand. Mine is a bit messy as I rushed it. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!Wanna try something cooler? Try the Rainbow Loom ~ Single Pattern Bracelet + Ring Link! The tutorial will be coming soon!

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