Rainbow Loom Starburst Keychain

Introduction: Rainbow Loom Starburst Keychain

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Step 1: Supplies

You will need the loom, the hook, rainbow bands, and a c or s clip.

Step 2: Placing the Bands

Get ready. This is a big step. Start by Placing your first colored band from the center pin to the left pin. Then, continue placing 5 bands up, and place one band from your last pin to the center pin. Same for the other side.

Now for the stars. Place your next color band on the second left side pin and the center pin, next band the first left side pin and center pin, next band the pin where we started and the centre pin, now the first right side pin and the centre pin, and the second right side pin and the center, and finally the pin directly above the centre pin and the centre pin. Repeat this step till you reach the end of the first bands you placed.

Step 3: Placing Cap Bands

Now the cap bands! There are 4 cap bands needed here. One in the centre of all the stars, and one on the last centre pin
(note: always have loom with arrows facing away from you).
Loop the cap bands twice as shown in pictures.

Step 4: Looping the Stars

Another long one. Flip your loon so the arrows are facing you.use the hook to push back the cap band and grab the first blue band. Bring it up and loop it around the centre of the first star. Now you have to go in order for the bracelet to work. You go to the right side first band via centre pin (push back cap band and take band. Bring it up through and loop it around the first left pin.). See picture for details.
Do the same for all other bands in that star. When the star is looped, go to the top peg of the star. Take the band of a different color, from the second star, and bring it to the centre. Repeat proses for this star.

Step 5: Looping the Outside

Now we loop the outside. Go underneath the 2 top bands and pull up the third band. Loop it around the corresponding peg. This proses is the same as looping a regular single band.
(Note: after that first loop, always grab the bottom band to loop to the next one)

Repeat steps for other side.

Step 6: Finish It Up!

Really easy step. Push hook under all bands at the top peg. Grab an extra band in the first color and attach to hook. Pull it through. Keep it on your hook caus now its time to pull it off!

Step 7: Pull It Off

Pull it off care fully. Once its off, you may attach the c clip. Make it longer if need be.

Thanks. Leave me comments. If any step is unclear, see starburst bracelet making steps. Its really the same proses.

Hope you had fun making this!

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