Rainbow Loom: Starburst




Introduction: Rainbow Loom: Starburst

This starburst bracelet is fun and (somewhat) easy. I hope that you will enjoy this *step by step* instructions.

Step 1: Materials

The materials that you will need are:
Your loom
Your hook or a crochet hook
Three or more colours of elastics
C or S clip

Step 2: Placing the Bands

Take your first colour and place it from the center peg out to the left and right pegs.
Now take the same colour and place it on the outside left peg. Do the same to the right side.
Then take your outside colour and place it all the way up on both outside pegs.
Remember to push the bands down!

Step 3: Placing the Starbursts

Take your second colour and start at the second peg in the middle. Now bring it out to the second right peg. Do the same thing but bring it out to the first right peg.
So basically in a clock wise direction.

Step 4: Reapeting

Now reapeat step 3 all the way up until the end. Switch colours if you want to.

Step 5: Caping Bands

With the same colour you did the starbursts, make a figure eight. Now place it over one the other side. Also place another capping band on the end with your outside colour.

Step 6: Hooking the Starbursts

Turn your loom around and get under the first starburst capping band and get the first rubber band. Next get under the capping band and grabbing the first band again. Now reapeat that step:
Always grab the first band and pull it where it belongs.
Pull the different colour forward.(see the last two pictures) :)

Step 7: Hooking the Outside

Get under the capping band and get the last band and bring It to where it goes. Now on the left side get your outside colour and hook it forward. Do the same on the other side.

Step 8: Finishing

Now that you are done hooking we are going to add an extension. Take the last peg and stick your hook through the peg. Take a band (same colour as your outside) and put it on the hook.
Now pull it through. You may need an adult to help. Once that is complete you can take off the bracelet.

Step 9: Extension

Now take your outside colour and put some bands on the loom(look at first picture). Take the elastic band that's on your hook and place it on the last two pegs. To end the bracelet look at the rest of the pictures. Hope you enjoyed and remember to press favourite.:)



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    12 Discussions

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    I really like those instructions. I'll have to try them sometime:)