Rainbow Loom: Triple Link Chain

Introduction: Rainbow Loom: Triple Link Chain

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Triple Link Chain is a really easy band to make although, a bit tough on the loom, so I thought I would help you to make it by joining two forks! This is the first tutorial of Triple Link Chain on Instructables. Hope you find it interesting and useful :)


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Step 1: Gather Your Things.

You'll need

  • Two forks joined with tape or rubberbands OR Monster-tail Loom (i dont prefer this)
  • S-clip OR C-clip
  • Bands
  • Hook

Step 2: Add&Loop

Add a band (same as the colour of the single chain on the bracelet) on both forks as shown in a shape of 8.

Add one more but dont twist it.

Hook the eight shaped band from one side and pull it over the fork. Do the same with the other side.

Step 3: Add the Links.

Take three colourful bands which will be the circles around the single chain.

Add those three bands on ONLY ONE fork.

Add one more band (of the the single chain) above them but on both forks.

Step 4: Make the Shape

This is the most important part. #focus

Push your hook (i prefer crochet hook) into the three bands ONLY!

Lower them by pushing them downwards

They should be at the bottom.

Hold them with your thumb.

Hook the middle band and pull it over the fork and leave the bands supported by your thumb.

On the other side, through out the making, you would never add colourful bands of the chains. Pull over the bottom-est band from the fork.

Then, hook the three bands and loop them over too!

Step 5: Continue!

Add three more and one and lower and loop!

Step 6: Keep Repeating

Repeat and repeat!

Step 7: End It!

When you're done, you will have the same band on both forks.

Add a band above it and loop the bottom ones. Keep on doing with this for an extension.

Hook the end of one side and remove it and add it over the other end.

Hook the bottom end and loop it over.

Take a clip and first add on the side which is popping from the forks and then the one on the forks

Remove and....


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Lovely bracelet sara anwar