Rainbow Loom Triple Single Bracelet

Step 1: Arrow Points Away From You

Make shure that the arrow is pointing away from you

Step 2: Add Bands of Your Choice

Step 3: MORE BANDS!!!!!!!!

Add some more bands to the middle and right

Step 4: Add Band to the Top

Add to the loom skipping the first 3

Step 5: Add the Rest

Step 6: Flip the Loom

Step 7: THE HOOK!!!!!!

Step 8: Hook It!

Step 9: Hook the Rest

Step 10: Hook the Middle and Right

Step 11: Hook More

Hook the left last and the right last to the middle last

Step 12: Add Band to End

Add band to end

Step 13: More Bands

More bands

Step 14: Put Bracelet on the Loom

Step 15: Hook It

Hook it

Step 16: Take Off

Step 17: C Clip It

Step 18: Done!



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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago

    I'm not shure but there are some things on here if you look it up hope I helped


    5 years ago

    I know how to make a single one without a loom is there a way to do this one without a loom?