Rainbow Loom Triple Single Tutorial




Hello :D

This is my second tutorial on Rainbow Loom :D

please enjoy and please fell free to comment below :D

<3 Dinocorn27 (Bianca)

Step 1: Materials

What you will need:

1 Loom Board

1 Loom Hook or Crochet Hook

Loom Bands

1 S or C Clip

Step 2: Base

Make sure our board is thee right way first. The arrows should be pointing upwards.

Start creating the base by placing your bands to the pin in front of them. (The pictures make more sense)

Continue until you have reached the top of your loom.

Step 3: Triangles

Turn your loom bard around so the arrows are pointing towards you.

Start creating you triangles using 1 colour. I chose white.

Do not add a last triangle.

You should finish on the second last of each loom rod.

Step 4: Looming

Start to on the bands to the pins in front of them.

Continue this until you have reached the end.

Step 5: Pulling It Off

Before you pull it off, move the bands on the last left pin to the central pin. Do this for the right side as well.

Take a single band (the colour that you used for triangles.

Stick your hook through the bands on central pin and hook the band through,

Don't entirely pull the band through, pull it just enough where you can grab the other side if thee elastic in the bottom and hook it onto the hook as well.

Gently pull it off.

Step 6: Extension

Firstly, replace the hook with two fingers and add a c or s clip to secure one end of the band..

for the extension you will only need 1 rod.

Make sure the rod is the right way up.

Start to make an extension. I only used 4 because i have a small/medium wrist.

Turn the loom around.

Put that on the closest band towards you.

Start looming it to the band towards you. make sure for the first one, you do not gt the bracelet, instead you get the band below it.

Gently pull it off and secure with s or c clip.

Step 7: Finished

Enjoy your new Triple Single Rainbow Loom Bracelet.

Please comment down below feedback and any requests :D


<3 Dinocorn27




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4 years ago

Do you have 3 tutorial


4 years ago

These are some wonderful pictures! If I didn't already know how to make a tripe single then this would definitely teach me=) Great job!