Rainbow Loom Single Bracelet

Rainbow Loom single bracelet

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Step 1:

Place a red band on the loom.

Step 2:

Then, place a yellow band in the opposite direction.

Step 3:

Continue that process in rainbow color order. Stop at pink.

Step 4:

Then add the colors white and black. Put the white band on the loom first.

Step 5:

Continue placing the bands in the order shown. This is what it will look like when done placing bands.

Step 6: Looping the Bands

Take your hook and grab the black band. Loop that band to the left peg.

Step 7:

Then take the white band and loop the band to the right peg.

Step 8:

Take the pink band and loop it to the left peg.

Step 9:

Continue the process. This is what your bracelet will look like when its done being looped.

Step 10:

Put an s clip at the very end of your bracelet.

Step 11:

Remove your bracelet from the pegs.

Step 12:

Take the front of the bracelet and hook it to the s clip at the other end of the loom.

Step 13:

Remove the last few bands from the peg. You are done with the bracelet.

Step 14:

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