Rainbow Loop Chain

Introduction: Rainbow Loop Chain

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Rainbow loopy chain..!

Kids would love it. I made it being inspired by a photo I came across in Google. I made a chain out of the loopy butterfly.

With all the colours in it, they are so adorable. Hope you like them. It involves the very basics of crocheting.

Quick and easy to make.

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Step 1: Materials

Baby soft yarn - 4 ply (Colours you like)

Crochet hook - 3 mm





Step 2:

This chain is really simple. Create loops of butterfly.

Now how to make a loopy butterfly.

In magic ring do 4 SC.

Chain 10, Sl St into next Sc, Chain 6, Sl St into next Sc, Chain 6, Sl St into next Sc, Chain 10, Sl St into next Sc.

Step 3: Loopy Butterfly

Now make another butterfly. While making the first wing loop of butterfly insert it through the previously made butterfly wing loop.

Do the same with all the butterflies.

See how simple it it.. Crochet in simplicity.

Step 4: Chain of Butterflies

Do the same with all the butterflies. Complete the butterfly chain. Now for the neck chain.

Step 5: Complete It

For this, Sl St onto the end loop of butterfly. Chain till the length you need. Fasten off. Add black yarn for the antenna.

Do the same on the other side butterfly. After you have reached the same length, do an extra 7 chains and Sl St on to the 8th chain. That's it.

To complete the whole thing add a button onto the other loop.

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    3 years ago

    So Kool I love 2 crochet I'll b trying ths. Ty, 4 sharing. Love Shalom

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    Woow Thank you so much :)