Rainbow Orange Jelly

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Intro: Rainbow Orange Jelly

So many beautiful things that we can make from the rainbow, at least the rainbow colors. So, today I'll give you an idea. It called Rainbow Orange Jelly. Check this out!

Step 1: You Need

Jelly Powder (Plain color)


Food Color (Red, Blue, Green)



4 Small Bowls Sugar



Boiling Pan

Step 2: The Jelly, Sugar, and Oranges

Boil your jelly as usual as u do. Add some sugar, depends on you.

Cut the oranges in the half.

Separate the oranges from the peel.

Don't throw away your orange, squeeze it into the bowl.

Step 3: The Colors

When your jelly water is already, pour it into the four bowls.
Three bowls for color (red, blue, green), one for the juice.

Step 4: Jelly and Orange Peels

Pour the jelly little by little into the orange peels.
Wait until it cool.

Step 5: Slices

When the jelly already cool.

Cut it into the smaller slice,

Step 6: Voila

Voila your Rainbow Orange Jelly is ready to eat!

Step 7: Thank You

Thank you for looking my works and also your support :). It means a lot!!!

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