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Hello guys, this is my first Instructable and I wanted to share this rainbow partiture that I design myself with a little help of my brother-in-law as in technical details in structure (since he is a carpenter) and we create this beautiful furniture that you can make yourself using very few materials easy to find.
I have to warn you that i'm not a native english speaker so i'm sorry if I misspelled a word or if I make some mistake in the narrative structure itself although this project it's pretty easy to make (that's the idea, isn't) just look the pictures and you're going to deduce it yourself (if i get it wrong explaing it or if you don't understand it) and perhaps add some more details, be creative! I hope you have fun doing it as much I had.

So to begin with the creation you will need:

  • 4 stripes of light wood (3 of them are 318x4x2 centimetres approx. and the other one is 276x2x2 centimetres approx.)
  • 4 small hinges
  • Screws
  • A Screwdriver
  • Glue
  • Wool (7 skeins for the 7 color of a rainbow in this case but you can do it with the colors you like the most)

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Step 1: Cutting the Wood Stripes

In the first photo you will see most of the materials i used to make the Rainbow Partiture

For the stripes light wood i get them in my near Hardware Store where i get most of the materials except the wool. For the first step you will determinate how tall do you want your Rainbow Partiture to be (and how wide or how many parts will have). I for example cut the 3 large ones into 6 pieces of 159 centimetres large and the small one i cut it into 6 pieces too of 46 centimeters large as you can see it in the last photo over the glass table.

Step 2: Precautions

I made holes up and down the wood stripes as a precaution for avoid that the wood cracks when you drill it and to make sure the place where the small wood stripe will be.
As you may notice the holes i made are in different places this is because the one that are closer to the edge of the wood is the part that will not touch the ground in other words the top part The holes in the bottom part that will touch the ground are a little higher or not so close to the edge in order for the wool not make contact with the ground (this will ruin it) I left a place of 10 centimetres above the ground. It's important that you stablished where the holes will be if you don't want undesirable holes all over your work
Another important thing to do is to sand down the stripes wood before you start to work and only if you want to apply varnish or paint it. I'll reiterate what i said before, let your creativiness let loose you can even choose another type of wood as long as it works!

Step 3: Assembling

After you have cut everything the only thing that miss is to put it together by part.

First you will assemble one of the three "faces" of the partiture (3 in total) for that pick 2 big stripe light wood and 2 little ones.

Put some glue on the tip of the little one before you attached it with the big one this will add more resistance. Don't forget to match the top/top part and the bottom/bottom one you will see it more clearly in the last photos.

Continue with the other ones (by separate)

Step 4: The Faces

The first photo is how it supposed to look one of the faces after you assembled all the parts together. In this point it's very obvious wich part will touch the ground and wich doesn't. If you still cant figure it out in the second photo there's the 3 faces together standing up (don't attached them together yet!)

Step 5: Making the Rainbow

This part looks quite difficult but au contraire is rather easy. First find yourself a rainbow pattern to follow the color order. I started with red as you can see I grabbed a skean and passed over the top of one of the faces and attached under the bottom part with only a simple not (the wool line has to be stay tight tho) and after that i just roll the wool over and over and over the top passing down the bottom (I divided in almost equals segments the little stripe wood for to know the proportion each color will have)

Do the same thing with each color and with each face until you are finished

Step 6: The End of the Rainbow

After you've finished all three faces separately now you have to assembling them together through the hinges. This step it's quite tricky and depends on the type of hinges you have.

First you have to arrange the faces in order you will want them to be i mean if you wanted all of them starting with red or with purple and wich structure will have for example i choose a zig zag one you can choose a triptych-like one or whatever depends on how many faces you have done it's up to you.

And then you put the hinges one near the top and the other one near the bottom for stability and you have created your own personal Rainbow Partiture for your living room, bed room etc.

I hope you guys enjoyed it and remember let your creativeness take over. Thanks for your attention.

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    4 years ago

    I think this looks quite easy, just a bit time consuming doing the yarn thing. Very nice work though and very pretty. Just might have to try this. Looking to make something like this for my finished basement.


    4 years ago on Step 6

    Very well done. Good idea.