Rainbow Play-doh Spirals and Stars

Introduction: Rainbow Play-doh Spirals and Stars

Fun and easy to make kids will love to make these

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Step 1: Gathering Supplies

Get red orange yellow green blue purple Play-Doh a roller circular cutter and a star-shaped cutter

Step 2: Cutting and Rolling the Play-doh

Make two balls of each color one large and one small flatten the large one and roll all of the smaller ones into ropes

Step 3: Cutting the Edges of the Ropes

Take the purple rope and cut the bottom off it and connect it to the bottom of the blue then cut off the end of the blue repeat this for the next colors

Step 4: Spiraling the Play-Doh

Take the rainbow rope and roll it up into a spiral

Step 5: Lining Up the Colors and Cutting the Play-Doh and Cutting It

Line up the play doh in rainbow order cut it smaller if needed make sure you can see all the colors then put on the star shaped cutter and push down an there you go your done

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    3 years ago

    Fun and creative! Very clear process, anyone could make with any shape! Awesome


    3 years ago

    Looks like fun! :)