Rainbow Printing

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3d printing is becoming more widely used now, and I wanted to show a tip that i have picked up along the way while 3d printing. Printing in different colors is fun, but it takes a lot of time to switch the colors in and out and multi-color spool is expensive. This instructable shows how to "rainbow print" or print using different colors with only one spool.

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Step 1: Sharpies

Pick your favorite colors of sharpies out. you can pick as low as 3 or even go up to 20!

Step 2: Color Your Spool

Next all you have to do is color your spool using the sharpies, you can change the amount of color, or how much they overlap and even the color!

Step 3: Print!

Now just hit print! Your print will end up a blend of colors with no stopping and on the cheap!



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