Rainbow Pumpkin

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1) Pumpkin

2) Crayons

3) Tape

4) Hair Dryer

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Step 1: To Start...

When you get your pumpkin, try to tape all the crayons on the brown part of the pumpkin. When you taped them all, start to melt the crayons with your hair dryer. Then, as you melt your crayons you could see them drying so quickly, so don't worry about it, it won't be a problem.

Step 2: To Finish...

After all your crayons melt, wait for 3 minutes them to dry. Then, take off all the crayons that you taped.

Step 3: You Are Finished!!!!!

Hey!! My new instructable called Rainbow Pumpkin looks so cool, and it looks like something is melting out of it but it's just crayons! So, let's get started! :)

NOTE: This time I did not took pictures, but then my mom deleted them all before I could put all of them in my instructable. So, sorry!



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