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Introduction: Rainbow Ring

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The ring may look simple but the summarized steps is one of the basic way if you want to embellish or surround and beadweave around a focal bead.

Materials & Tools:
1 x 1cm focal bead of your choice
Several Seed beads
36 inches Nylon thread
16 x 3mm dia. wooden beads

Step 1:

Insert a nylon thread into your focal bead and position the focal bead at least ¾ the length of your thread.

Step 2:

On your right thread, slide in several wooden beads. In this tutorial, we used 7 (3mm dia.) seed beads for a 1cm dia. focal bead. Bring the thread with the wooden beads in counter-clockwise direction back thru the focal bead then pull your thread.

Step 3:

With the same thread you just pulled, slide in the same number of wooden beads then bring your thread back thru the focal bead but this time, go clockwise and then pull your thread.

Step 4:

After pulling the thread, continuously insert the thread back thru the wooden beads on your right side and slide in 1 more wooden bead.

Step 5:

After sliding in 1 wooden bead, continuously insert the same thread back thru the wooden beads on your left side. When you reach the very last bead slide in 1 more wooden bead and insert the thread all the way around the right wooden beads again until you have both thread in upright position.

Step 6:

Now that you have both of your threads in upright position we’ll start to weave the ring band. Using RAW or right angle weaving technique, cross your left thread and insert into the first two wooden beads. Like shown in this picture, slide in 3 seed beads on both of the threads. To crisscross the threads, slide 3 more seed beads and then pull your thread.

Step 7:

This is how the ring band should look like. When you reach your desired length just insert the thread into the wooden beads. Tie a knot and then cut off excess thread.

You'll find more pictures with arrows on how to surround the focal bead with smaller beads on the PDF copy I've created and you can  download it for free at DIYLessons.org

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