Rainbow Sheep Pen

Introduction: Rainbow Sheep Pen

Did you find a sheep and name it Marty Mc Sheepface but don't know where to put it? In that case, read this article!

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Step 1: Digging a Hole

First, dig about a seven by seven hole in the ground. Only dig one block down. It really doesn't have to be a perfect square, its just a sheep pen. Make sure your using a nice flat place, it won't be possible in a bumpy biome. I used a desert biome because I found it very flat. If your building this in survival, make sure there are no monsters near. Creepers can explode your building and endermen can pick up blocks and wreck everything.

Step 2: Building the Floor and Fences

To build the floor, you can really get creative. Just fill in the hole you made in step one with all kinds of different blocks. Experiment with different sides of blocks such as wood and hay. What I did was place down blocks at different angles and made a border with hay. Then I made a second border out of wood and put grass in the middle and outside. Melons, pumpkins, wood, grass, hay, and emerald blocks are all good blocks for making borders. Don't forget too add fences and a fence gate!

Step 3: Adding a Light

Dig a hole two blocks down in the middle of your pen. Put four redstone blocks in the hole and four redstone lamps on top of it. This simple light will keep monsters away from your sheep. I mean, who wants monsters messing with their sheep? Anyways, this is really simple and if your in survival and you don't have redstone blocks you can just use torches.

Step 4: Creating Your Rainbow Sheep

Making rainbow or multi color sheep is extremely easy as long as you have a name tag. To make one, just put a name tag in an anvil and name it jeb_. (no capitals and with an underscore). Isn't it so cool to have a sheep named Jeb that changes colors every second? Its so cool!

Step 5: Your Finished Project

I hope you and your rainbow sheep have some good times! You can copy my tutorial or make your own. I tried one indoors but it didn't work very well so I just made it next to my house. You can easily make one on your roof. Just make sure no sheep go flying! This project was extremely easy and quick and I hope you people like it. Thanks!

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    Very Creative! Me and SpittleFumm have been doing some Minecraft instructables too. We are trying to build one of the best cities on Minecraft!