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Introduction: Rainbow Sushi Roll

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Everyone is going crazy about rainbow coloured food, so we came up with this recipe to see how well this concept would work on sushi. All we can say is that... it tastes & looks amazing! We may be a little late to the party with this trend but do enjoy the video and recipe! Cheers Guys!

Step 1: Recipe & Preparation

1. Sushi Vinegar (To Taste)

2. Japanese Rice (2 Cups)

3. Red Food Dye (1 Drop) +(1/2 Teaspoon Water)

Blue Food Dye (1 Drop) +(1/2 Teaspoon Water)

Green Food Dye (1 Drop) +(1/2 Teaspoon Water)

Yellow Food Dye (1 Drop) +(1/2 Teaspoon Water)

4. Prawns (4 pieces)

5. Eggs (2 Eggs)

6. Surimi/Crabsticks (1/2 Pack)

7. Cucumber (1 Piece)

8. Prawn Roe (1 Pack)

9. Goma Wakame/Seasoned Seaweed Salad (1 Pack)

10. Nori-Sheets/Seaweed (As Many As You’d Like!)

11. Mayonnaise (1 pack)

12. Sesame Seeds (2-3 Tablespoons)

Step 2: Recipe & Preparation

1. Cook 2 cups of Japanese rice

2. Add sushi vinegar to taste into rice and mix well in a mixing bowl.

3. Portion the rice equally into 4 bowls.

4. Add food dye solution into individual bowls of rice and mix evenly. (Dilute 1 drop of food dye with ½ teaspoon of water.)

5. Skewer 4 prawns and boil them in water. Shell and clean them out afterwards.

6. Fry 2 thin sheets of omelettes and slice them into strips.

7. Lay your nori-sheets on a rolling mat with the dull side facing upwards and layer coloured sushi rice in neat rows. Fill up the nori-sheet, leaving about 1.5cm of space at the top of the nori-sheet.

8. Add Prawns, Surimi sticks, Mayonnaise, Omelette strips, Cucumber strip, Wakame Seaweed, Prawn roe and Sesame seeds. Get creative with your sushi roll and use whatever you feel is right!

9. Roll up the sushi and compress well for easy cutting of the roll.

10. Slice off the ends of the roll before cutting the middle of the sushi roll. You can cut the roll in any configuration you see fit!

11. Serve & Enjoy! ☺

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    4 years ago

    This is pretty adorable. Only thing is that the green colouring looked pretty weak, maybe double up on any dyes that don't show effectively on white if you plan to make this.