Rainbow Tape Dispenser!!!

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Hello!When I found this cute little diy, I knew I had to share it! In this tutorial, I will explain all the steps to making the cute decorated tape dispenser! So go ahead, gather your supplies!

Rainbow Markers


Tape Dispenser

Scrap piece of white paper


If you like this diy, or just think it’s adorable, plz vote for me in the rainbow challenge contest! Thanks!

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Step 1: Get Started

So first we have to take the tape roll out and take the paper out! Ok, moving on ...

Step 2: Trace and Cut!

Put the plain old boring tape paper on your scrap piece of paper and trace. Then grab your scissors and cut it out! The circle in the middle can be a little tricky! ?

Step 3: Red, Orange, ... Rainbow!

Now for the fun part! Grab your markers and color! I did stripes, but you can do any design you would like! Polka dots, chevron, diagonal stripes, triangles,... and on and on and on! I also grabbed a gold sharpie and drew a ring around the edge just for a little sparkle! I love my gold sharpies!

Step 4: Done!

Now all you have to do is place it in your Dispenser, put the tape back in and your done! this makes my room so much cuter! And you can always switch it up! I personally love doing washi Tape or scrapbook paper, but since this was a rainbow challenge contest, I tried something new! Once again, if you liked this diy, or thought it was cute, plz click that vote button! Thanks so much!♥️

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