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Introduction: Rainbow Tiedye Spiral Curtain

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Tie-dye is a very fun way to spend the day with your family. In this Instructable I will guide you through easy steps to make your very own tie-dyed rainbow curtain!!

Step 1: Find the Right Fabric to Dye

finding the right fabric to dye can be difficult,

Cotton fabrics hold the dye better than synthetics

always look for things that are 100% cotton or at least 75% cotton

Step 2: Soak Your Cloth in Soda Ash

Soak the cloths in soda ash for at least 15 minutes to half an hour.

Pre-soaking the cloth in soda ash allows the dye to stick to the cloths better which gives you that vibrant color that your looking for.

Step 3: Take Your Time for the Best Spirals

1) Lay your cloth flat.

2) Decide where you want your spiral to be.

3) Grab the cloth where you want the spiral between your index finger and thumb.

4) While holding cloth, either walk around in a circle or spin the cloth into a tight spiral formation.

5) While the spiral is tight begin tying the cloth with string or rubber bands.

Step 4: Prepare the Dye..

If you get a kit this part is easy; place the dye in the squirt bottle and fill with water to the line....

if you order your dye online follow the instructions that come with the dye..

Step 5: Time to DYE!!!

Just like when you are tying, take your time with the dye but don't worry, whatever design you do with the dye will come out looking really awesome!!!

pick all of your favorite rainbow colors..

To get a nice spiral, try squirting your favorite color into a plus across the middle.

now make a plus perpendicular to the last one with your next favorite color.

Fill in the remaining space with the rest of your favorite colors.

When your satisfied with your dying job place it into a plastic bag and let it

sit for 24 hours to help the dye set.

rinse with cold water and then wash in your washing maching with cold water.

dry like normal...

Step 6: Enjoy Your New Rainbow Spiral Curtain!!!

Feel free to use it as a giant flag or different things like that...

if you hang it up on the west side of your house in front of a window, it will look great at sunset!!!

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    4 years ago

    Awesome and fun tutorial!