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Hello DIY lovers, here is my recent artwork : easy to make rainbow frame. I wanted to have kinda "geek" wall with sci-fi and fantastic retro TV shows photos I collected, and when I think geek, I think rainbow. So here it is.

More DIY tutorials : http://bit.ly/MinkyDIY

*********** Sorry, my english is not perfect <3 ***********

You need :

- Colored papers to shape the rainbow. Try and look and the usual colors used for making rainbows, and, VERY IMPORTANT, put it in the right order. If you mistake the order, the rainbow effect won't be good. Do not mix pastel (light) colors with brights colors, all colors have to be in the same tone.

- Cisors, tape, frame.

1. Fix a background color on your frame. For this, it's very important that you hide the tape exactly behind the place where the photo is gonna be. Why? Because the tape will be visible from the back if you don't. Look closely to the photo I have put, you can see the shape of the tape thru the paper, as it's thin. So look at your photo and figure that the tape has to be behind the photo. Just make a "roll" with a piece of tape, glue outside, and paste it.

Then, you cut the background paper at the dimensions of your frame. Always cut from behind, it will be much more efficient.

I do advise you to choose one of your rainbow colors for the background, so the all frame is well balanced.

2. Figure where and how you want your rainbow to be. It has to be "logic", and enhance your image. In the examples I do display at the end, you can see how I did put the rainbows : one is going out of Spock's hand, another one starting on the head of the lizard man, etc...

Take a piece of paper, and place the corner where you want your rainbow to appear. This paper will be your guide to place the different colors.

Fold the corner to make the "starting part" of the rainbow. Do not put the "starting part" too close of the object you want the rainbow to shine out of, it should not be side to side with it.

3. When you have placed the rainbow's origin, and folded the corner, gently press the sides of your paper against the back of the frame. So you have a visual mark where to cut the exact corner of the frame. Look at the photo, I do show it clearly. As you won't use this piece of paper in the end, it's way more easy to cut with your scissors.

Cut it : ok you have a 90° angle piece of paper right now.

You're gonna fold the sides until you have the right shape width.

As you can see, your rainbow spectrum can be very wide or pretty thin, depending on the effect you want. Adjust how you feel it the best, and cut.

3. Once you have the perfect pattern for your rainbow, time to adjust the colored papers.

Put all your paper sheets on the same corner (look at the photo, it's hard to explain with words). Then spread it nicely so it totally fills the width of your rainbow. The colors have to be proportionally disposed, so all the colors are represented the same amount. (Oh gosh, sorry for these terrible French to English translations... u_u').

Well I hope that with the photos, it's obvious... Always keep your guiding pattern to follow the shape you have chosen for your frame.

4. Now all the paper sheets are spread right, put a piece of tape at the very end so it doesn't move at all. And you're gonna cut, but NOT all around the guiding pattern : you cut the up side (the one that's the widest and be along the outside border of the frame), not the down side with the tape (the one that will be next to the object the rainbow starts at), keep the whole corner.

Use the guide to fold back the corner, doing so the piece of tape will be hidden behind and insure that the small pieces of paper you just cut and took time to arrange don't fall apart.

5. Place your rainbow, cut it again on the sides if needed.

DONE! <3



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