Rainbow in Jar



Introduction: Rainbow in Jar

-We all love rainbow. if we create rainbow at home that would be more funny and kids enjoy it.

-Here we created rainbow in jar using sugar,water and food colors through simple sugar density experiment.

-Density is compactness of stuff in particular space.

-Here we are creating a rainbow tower by adding sugar in diffrent concentrations. (More sugar-more dense-sinks more)

-Take same quantity of water in 5 cups as shown in my pics. Add diffrent food colors and give a mix.

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Step 1: Add Sugar in Increasing Concentrations

-Now start adding sugar in increasing concentrations in each cup say 1tsp,2tsp,4tsp,6tsp....
-Give a mix. Here i showed adding sugar in green cup. But i added sugar in all cups in order as follows

yellow-no sugar,orange-1tsp,green-2tsp,red-4tsp,blue-6tsp

Step 2: Transfer Each Color in to Empty Jar With Syringe

-Now take another empty tube or jar.With the help of syringe slowly transfer the colored liquids in concentration increasing to decreasing order(blue,red,green,orange,yellow)

-Finally you can see beautiful rainbow tower.My kid enjoyed seeing rainbow in jar.By this technique you can teach them how substances sink or float depending on density.

Step 3: Playing With Colors

-kids enjoy playing with colors.My 3yr old had more fun in doing this.

-One good technique to teach about primary,secondary colors and also absorption technique is with this experiment.
-You will be using primary colors and form secondary colors by combining them

Items needed:

-Diffrent food colors

-4 to 5 cups or glasses


-tissue papers

Step 4: Experiment:

-Primary colors when combined forms secondary colors



-Take 4 cups and add water to it. Add diffrent food colors in all cups and give a mix.

-Fold paper towel in to thin stripes.

Arrange as follows: BLUE cup+EMPTY cup+YELLOW cup, RED cup+EMPTY cup+YELLOW cup (place tissue strips in blue and yellow cup such that one end is dipped in colored water and one end in empty cup)

-Similarly do with red and yellow cups

-Water will be soaking in paper towel and in to empty cups mixing 2 colors together to form secondary color.It takes little long time and your kids can slowly observe this process.

-Later you can see your secondary colors in middle empty cups.this technique helps in learning how the color gets mixed and create new colors by absorption



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