Rainbow Loom Keychain Bracelet




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Hello so I'm gonna teach you how to make a rainbow loom keychain bracelet so pls follow and comment

Step 1: What We Need

We need all this above only C,S or U clips

Step 2: How to Start

So first take plain rubber band any color but it's should not be in a figure 8 or anything else like pic one

Step 3: Making the Curves

Okay take a band and make it in a curve like pic one and make it inside the starter band or if you can make the starter band a curve too but I'm making it normal

Step 4: How to Make Curves

I know this step should be before making curve so take a band and fold it in to like pic one

Step 5: Keep Repeating

Keep repeating till desire length

Step 6: Attaching the C Clip

When your done attach the C clip gently

Step 7: Thank You

thank you for watching this I want many followers pls follow and like :)



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