Rainbow Loom Rose Rings or Charms




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Step 1: Materials

4 rose colors
2 stem colors
1 loom
1 rainbow loom hook

Step 2: Your Loom

Put the loom so that the middle row is uneven to the outside rows

Step 3: Lay Your Bands

Lay your rose petal colors first and then your stem colors just as you would make a single bracelet

Step 4: Hook

Hook the bands just like a single bracelet( don't forget to reverse your loom!(: )

Step 5: Remove

Remove the chain

Step 6: Shaping

Follow the pictures and then pull green tighter until the end of the pink and beginning touch each other

Step 7: Now Your Done

Thanks for trying I welcome any comments suggestions or requests

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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Do we need a capping band for this because wen I took it off it just fell apart?


    5 years ago

    Please comment