Rainbows and Unicorns Cupcakes




Introduction: Rainbows and Unicorns Cupcakes

Pretty girly cup cakes. Perfect for princess parties, girly hen parties or just to brighten up a rubbish day!

You will need:

Tools- Circle cutter (to cover cake), modelling tool. Sharp knife, 2x no1.5-2 piping nozzles and 2 piping bags (ideally small, greaseproof paper ones) Small, clean paintbrush.

Materials- Sugar paste in rainbow colours and white. Black and white royal icing.

Begin by covering all of your cup cakes in your chosen colour.

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Step 1: Toadstool

Roll a small white ‘sausage’ of icing for the stalk and flatten a small red ball of icing to make the cap.

Tease your circle of red out at the bottom to make a bell shape.

Roll 5-6 very small balls in varying size, squash flat onto the cap.

Stick the cap on the stalk. Roll a ‘sausage’ of green for grass, stick on to the cake.

Mark the ‘grass’ in diagonal strokes with your modelling tool.

Roll 3 long sausages of green at varying lengths. Roll to a point at the end to give a tapered effect.

Stick on the long grass.

Step 2: Rainbow

Roll out a thin ‘sausage’ of sugar paste in each rainbow colour

Lay the ‘sausages’ closely together in rainbow order.

Cut the right side straight. Lay the rainbow across the cake in a curve (lightly dampen the area you’re lying it on with a damp paintbrush if it does not stick well). Trim off the excess at the other side, following the curve of the cake.

Make small balls of white sugar paste (less than pinky nail sized) and stick the at the end of the rainbow.

Stack them until they become a cloud formation (round the edge of the cloud first, then a few overlapping in the middle to give depth).

Step 3: Sunshine

Roll a medium ball of yellow sugar paste.
Flatten into a circle (or roll flat with a rolling pin and cut a circle with a cutter 1/2 the diameter of your cupcake). Stick to the centre of your cake.

Roll small balls of icing into cones (12 of each yellow and orange) flatten into triangles.

Stick all the orange triangles round the edge of the yellow circle, evenly spaced.

Stick the yellow circles around on top, in the spaces between the orange spikes.

Pipe two arcs in black for eyes, a white arc for teeth, then black lines around the ‘teeth’ to define the mouth.

Step 4: Unicorn

Roll a medium sized white ball into a pear shape and flatten onto your cake.

Roll 4 thin sausages of white icing, bend each in the middle to make legs.

Position all 4 legs.

Make a small pear shape (less than 1/2 the body size), flatten on to the cake to make the head. add 1 small grey cone for the horn and 2 white cones for ears.

Roll very narrow, rainbow coloured sausages, cut in 1/2. Roll one half together to make the tail.

Shape the other half over it’s shoulder to make a mane.

Roll 4 small balls of pink, flatten on to the ends of the legs to make hooves.

Pipe on the eye.

Have fun!

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    Nope! There's pretty good stuff widely available in Scotland (Renshaw's are the best, but Dr Oetker and some of the supermarket brands are good too). Making paste would take time away from making pretty things! I only use concentrated paste food colouring though, and it's not available in supermarkets.