Raindrops Bracelet (Rainbow Loom)




Introduction: Raindrops Bracelet (Rainbow Loom)

First you will need:

A - Qty 28
B - Qty 12
C - Qty 12

You will need the arrow of the loom facing away from you.

Step 1: Placing Bands

You place your first A band as shown in picture 1. Your second A band as shown in picture 2. Your first B band as shown in picture 3, and do the same with your first C band. Continue to do this pattern until you leave to poles open because you will need to place those bands different.

Step 2: Placing Bands (Part 2)

For your last two bands you will pull your A band from the left attacking to the last middle pole, and do the same with your A band on the right. You will then take a band and make a figure 8 in your hand on the last middle pole.

Step 3: Looping Bands

Step one:
Take B band and pull it through the cap band attaching it to the next middle band. Repeat with C Band. Then you will take A band and hook it to the next pole on each side.

Step two:
Take C band and hook it to the pole on the left as shown in the picture 2. Then take B band and do the same. Then take a band through all bands and loop it to the pole in front of it on both sides. Complete pattern until you get to the end.

Step 4: Extension to Bracelet

When you finish looping your bands. Your going to pull all your bands attached to the last pole to the top. Your going to take your last A band and pass it through the end of your last bands and put your clip to that end together.

Step 5: Your Bracelet Should Look Like This !

When make your extension part of your band you can either use since or double it. Pictures of making the extension are in the previous step.



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    I really like this bracelet.I also made it! :) :) :)