Rainforest Shower Head





Introduction: Rainforest Shower Head

Hi everyone! In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make rainforest shower head in 10 minutes,with only few simle things that you probably already have in your house. It doesn't require special skills. Be careful while working with stuff that gets hot,cause it can be painful! :)

Step 1: Things You Will Need:

Things used may vary,I used things that didn't have any purpose,but you can find other stuff that can work as well.
First of all,I used 10 cds box. Then you'll need a hot glue gun,some hose,one shower head(the one you use right now will work),needle,ruler,scaplel,candle and some ordinary tools.

Step 2: Drawing Grid

What you need to do is draw a grid of circles and lines. Number of circles is not strictly defined,so it's up to you. This lines don't need to go deep into plastic,since they are there only to help you making the holes in some order.

Step 3: Piersing Holes

Now when you have grid,all you need to do is light a candle,and heat up the needle on the flame..(Do not hold the needle with fingers!!) Then,quickly,while needle is hot,pierce through the clear plastic to make a hole in it. Repeat the process untill you make as many holes as you like...

Step 4: Makig the Base

To make a base,you first need to cut off the piece on which cds go. Black plastic is soft enough to do this with scalpel.. Then,you'll need a piece of pipe,plastic or copper,or something else. Put that pipe through the hole in the black base,and glue it water-tight. Be careful not to make it too long,because if it is too long you wont be able to close the cd box and water wont be able to flow.

Step 5: Close the Box

Now you need to merge the clear plastic part and the black base.Just close them as regular box does,and then glue them together,making sure it is waterproof.

Step 6: The Hose

I used 1cm in diameter hose,but you can use other,under condition that its inner diameter isnt smaller than shower hose is.Attach it to rainforest head on one end. On the other end,you need to cut the regular shower and to use its lower part,since it has screw on it,and can be screw on to regular shower hose. Once you cut it,glue together hose,and part of regular shower you just cut.As well,water-tight.
I did this so i can put my rainforest shower head on and off,and choose between regular shower and this one. :)

Step 7: Structure

Only thing left to do is to add some structure to the project,since it need something to hold it in position. I found a metal tube that I used,but anything other that can hold the weight of the shower will work. Glue it to the part of the regular shower,and to the head. You might want to use something that is both strong but bendable,because you might want to adjust head's position.

Step 8: Result

That should be it. You made a rainforest shower head for free. Now you can beat the heat of the summer with long,relaxing showers. :)
I hope you like it!



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    36 Discussions

    What about cleaning?? Does this thing get moldy at all?? How difficult / easy is it to disassemble and clean?

    3 replies

    Take a plastic baggie, fill it with vinegar, wrap around shower head with rubber band or rope. Leave for couple hours or overnight. It's like magic

    It is difficult to clean.. But I suppose it wont be a problem,since regular shower heads are also made of plastic...So I thought it's same material,so it wont get moldy.. :)]

    Although regular shower heads are made of plastic, the main difference is there isn't sitting water in most commercial shower heads.

    This is a great idea, But I think PVC end caps and some chrome spray paint would be best. (looks mainly). As well as some silicone covered bendy tube.
    This would be a great $20.00 project. Thanks for the idea!

    Oh no! I just threw away one of those CD containers! :(
    It's still a very clever idea, my friend!

    I'm thinking it wouldn't be any different, really. It appears the idea here is for a softer 'falling rain' effect rather than a spray, so you wouldn't really need to open the tap very far to achieve that effect.

    xaenon is right... softer falling rain effect requires much less water that I normaly use for shover. I can tell that by how much I open the tap.:)

    Although they are made of plastic the main difference is commercial shower heads don't allow the water to sit stagnent in a puddle. However I don't think this will be an issue with this one unless you plan on being out for an extended period of time. In which case removing it and drying it with a hair dryer might do the trick.

    you could flush it with vinegar once every few days. that will sop mold growing.

    Still, most americans are custom to things being simply use, and forget it till the next time. Just general cleaning every now and then. If I knew I had to clean my shower head every few days I'd probably go to Lowe's and buy something cheap instead.

    i love this. ive been trying to come up with a way to do exactly what you have shown us here and now i know exactly wht to do. thanx for the 'ible mate!

    you could take 1/8 x 3/4 aluminium flat bar, which you can get it 36 in lengths from your local diy for less then $10. cut 5 pieces into like 4 inch lengths and give the ends a 3/8 in radius. drill 1/4 in holes in each end, 5/16 on center from the end and each side, then overlap them, alternating each piece so you get a fairly straight line. secure them with a 1/4 in x 3/8 or 1/2 in bolt and a wing nut, then tighten it so it dont move on its own, but you still can move it yourself. or just loosen the nut a little then tighten it again when you get the joint you want to bend in the desired angle. use cable ties in teh middle of each bar to secure the hose to.

    you may want to drill a 1/8 in hole at 5/32 on center from the hose edge to keep the hose from shifting one way or the other when you tighten the ties. of course you dont want to make them so tight it deforms the tubing.

    this set up will allow you to position it w/o placing bending stress on a ridged support. bending stress eventually causes structural failure due to work hardening and metal fatigue on the places that bend the most.

    besides, it would look more professional and not something you had to improvise in a hurry.