Rainy Day Crafts: a Puzzle in a Bottle

Introduction: Rainy Day Crafts: a Puzzle in a Bottle

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Have you ever had nothing to do? This craft is wonderful for winter when you just want to hang out inside. Have fun and engoy!

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Step 1: What You Need

Small plastic bottle with lid
Sand, seeds or beads
Small items that can git into bottle opening
Paper pencil
Hot glue gun with glue

Step 2: Write the List

You need to write a list of the small items that you put into the bottle. In the end you will need to use it

Step 3: Mix

Mix all of the things together in a plastic bag. Dont forget to put sand, beads or seeds in too. make sure to layer it.

Step 4: Finishing

To finish, you dump the mixture into the bottle and screw on the cap. If you wanted to glue it you can glue around the screwing part. If you just screw it on tightly you could have a set of things to go in for each season Don't get it on any part that might touch the insides.

Step 5: Options for the List

You can laminate your list so you can write on it with dry erase markers to check it off.

Step 6: How to Use It

To use it you may shake it to try to find everything on the list. This can be good to just play around with or to calm you. Jeep it on a book shelf and make sure that everyone in your family has a chance to use it if they want. One challenge that you could do is make one personalized one for each family member. Have Fun!!!

Step 7: :)

Please comment this is my first instructable

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    4 years ago

    great idea


    6 years ago

    I also put little turkeys in for thanksgiving