Rainy Day Project - Moped Seat Fix

Introduction: Rainy Day Project - Moped Seat Fix

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Here is my rainy day project I did yesterday. I live on an island so I had to get creative with the needed supplies. the vinyl seat cover was getting a little torn on my 1977 pacer moped. So after a trip down to the bait and tackle shop picked up some fishing line, and a piece of copper wire you could also use an a upholstery needle, again I am on a island there aren't any fabric stores out here.

Tools I used: 
Fishing wire 
cooper wire  / upholstery needle 
staple gun 
scissors / razor blade 
a piece of material / fabric of choice - I used a short cotton skirt that I scooped up for $5 bucks. 

STEP 1 : Take the seat off the moped use a ratchet and socket set also use a little WD-40 to be nice to those bolts. 
STEP 2 : Lay out the fabric right side down flat, put the seat on top of the material. 
STEP 3: Start at the back / middle of the seat. and staple along the plastic rim and go back and forth to make it even. 
STEP 4: Dont forget to pull it tight as you go. 

When you get about 5-6 staples in across the back side of the seat, fold the material / fabric by 45 degrees. on each side. ( like a hospital corner while making a bed ) you are going to want to cut one layer through back to the 45  degree angles on each side and  
keep stapling and pulling to make sure it is a tight fit.  As you get closer to the front you will notice excess material - don't worry you can trim it off with a razor blade. 

LAST : this was my bonus challenge for myself.  The Biohazard symbol  here http://www.ehow.com/how_5063214_draw-biohazard-sign.html  on the headlamp - I used a fabric crayon to get the image on the light and then used a black sharpie and green nail polish. again I went with what I had available to me. 

Thank you for reading , this was a fun project and I hope to do more.. so stay tuned. 

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