Raised Garden Bed

Introduction: Raised Garden Bed

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This is how I decided to make make my raise garden. I used 8 foot rail road ties and laid them in a square and used card board to stop weeds growing up from the ground. then I added dirt and fencing around the garden. We grew pototoes, tomatoes, carrots, peas, lettuce kale.

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Step 1: Make Area for Garden

I used four rail road ties for the frame of the garden then filled it in with good dirt I got for free off CL. I got the rail road ties from the the local hardware store.

Step 2: Plant and Grow

Make sure to plan ahead and have an idea of what you wanna plant that grow good where you live. You'll wanna make sure to water your plant and pull the weeds out so your plants get sun light.

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    6 years ago

    check out 'the square foot garden ' great way to grow in 4 foot beds.