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Introduction: Raised Garden Box 2.0

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My grandmother also wanted a raised garden box to grow her herbs. But luckely i still had 4 pallet planks from the pallet chest. They were all 1 meter or 39 inches long. This was the perfect size. But becasue i was going to make the same project again i thought i might change some stuff. In this instructables i'm putting the things that were better and worse about the second box. But if you want to see how i built this project here's a link: (https://www.instructables.com/id/Raised-Garden-Box/) i also made a short film about putting in the bottom plate. If you want more of these video's just put it in the comments. When you want more the video's will be about the whole project. They will also have a voice over to explain whats going on. I will also put the measurements in it.

I'm sorry this isn't a very long or interesting instructable but it was a very busy week for me. But next week there will be a new good instructable

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Step 1: Whats Better

This box was about the same as the first one. I didn't change much because i already thought it had a good structure. But in the first box there wasnt enough depth to hold the bigger plants. These plants would stick out. I changed this in this box. I used wider planks. Instead of 7.5 cm or 2.9 inches i used 9 cm or 3.5. This gives the plants enough place to grow. With this box i also tried a different sort of wood. I used light wood in stead of dark wood. I think the light wooden box turned out great, but i still like the dark wood box the most. And if i ever build another one of these boxes i will for sure use dark wood in stead of light wood. While i was building the project i didn't have a bottom plate, so i went to the store and bought a 62 cm by 125 cm plate. This plate had to be cut in a 25 by 62 cm plate.( you can also see this in the video, sort of). I also drilled holes in the bottom of the box. This will give the water/rain somewhere to go. This was suggested to me in the comments by ambonito. If you also do this make sure that you dont drill through the supports and that you also put holes in the trash bag that you put in the box to protect the wood. You also hve to put in small rock before you put in the dirt. If you don't do this the dirt will fall through the holes you just drilled in. I also put a different patern on the front of the box. I had a bit of thouble with this. I forgot to sand the wood before putting on the patern. This ruined it. But i got a marker and corrected the leafs on the olive branch (these were the worst). After putting the marker on it it was to dark in comparisent to the other words and numbers. But i just sanded it down a little bit. I really like this patern.

Step 2: Whats Worse

I think this box was a great improvement on the first one. But it wasn't perfect. The 1 meter long planks were about 1 to 2 milimeters too short. So the box turned out a few milimeters too short on both sides. Like i also said in the page before this one, that the patern wasn't perfect. This was because i forgot to sand it. I already put the wood finish on it so sanding it would take too long for me ( i only had a few days to make the box). I also misplaced one of the legs. I had to cut a small piece of to make it stable again. But you can't realy see it if arn't looking for it. I also used the wrong srews when i started the project. Because i used the wrong screws the wood cracked at some points. But after a few cracks i switched to other screws that wouldn't crack the wood. Further there is nothing to complaint about the box. I think it turned out great.

I'm sorry this isn't a very long or interesting instructable but it was a very busy week for me. But next week there will be a new good instructable.

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4 years ago

I like the graphic you put on the front of the box. Is that just spray painted through a stencil? It looks good, and kind of rustic.


Reply 4 years ago

thanks, i got the idea from the internet. I put it on with a transfer marker. If you want to know more about how to put it on just check this instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Plane-on-Pallet-Board/.

And if you have any more questions you can just ask me here! : -)