Raised Herb Garden With Repurposed Materials



About: I sit at my desk at the clinic for six hours a day; often, during the middle of the day, you can find me drawing a new idea on a scrap of paper. I enjoy making projects and fixing things around the house. ...

Repurposed Materials list:
cedar fence panels (the sides are built two panels thick, offset by 1/2 a panel).
1/3 of a futon frame (this made the bed of the garden)
2x4s from a previous project (to further strengthen the futon frame)
black plastic to line the bed (with holes punched in various places for drainage)

New Materials list:
concrete footings
three cedar 4x4s (8' long)
deck screws, small (to strengthen the offset cedar panels)
deck screws, long (to attach the panels to the cedar 4x4s)
lag bolts, washers and nuts (to hold the legs together)

This raised bed herb garden was built with reclaimed materials (except for the cedar frame, bolts and screws). The herb garden is outside of my kitchen door so it's easy to access when cooking. 

A hoop house will be constructed later in the season by attaching flexible PVC pipe to the legs and a clear plastic top over the hoop.  Adding the mini greenhouse over the herbs will extend the growing season from March to November (rather than May to October like we have in Minnesota now)!!

I was chatting with a friend about the herb garden I made this weekend, and he said that his parents spent an ungodly amount of money to purchase a "VegTrug" (a european thing, http://www.vegtrug.com/ ) which is basically a futon frame in a "V" shape with wider wood slats. I saved another futon frame with the wider slats so I could repurpose it, and I may try to make another raised bed garden in that "V" style to see how they compare.



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