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Not an "ible" per se as I made this a while back and didn't take step photos

But an idea for a raised Vegetable Garden, also included sa a photo of another raised bed I built


6"x2" timber (I used 6m lengths and lots of them


Circular Saw (Skill Saw)

Nails (4")

errmm thats it!

So basically I got my 6m lengths of 6x2 and notched them on both sides at 75mm in from each end and at 2m and 4m

They then should interlock in a noughts and crosses pattern as shown (tic-tac-toe for our American friends), in theory you shouldnt need any nails, but I nailed each joint as I was going for stability

You will need some 3x2 for some of the bottom/top pieces notched on one side only (I ripped a couple of lengths of 6x2 for these---foolishly with a handsaw--won't be doing that again, have now got a tablesaw for that nonsense)

Finally finished the top with 6x2 on its side,lap jointed at the crossovers and corners, to act as a seat /perch, and infilled the gaps with pavers and chip

I lined the inside with plastic (old feed bags) and filled with soil/compost/sand in layers

I have strawberries and asparagus growing (have also had leeks and broccoli at one point) and it all grows like mad with very little watering

The top is weedmatted and mulched with Macadamia nut shells

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    This may be a dumb question but I cant figure out the bottom row to start this. If you notch the bottom 3x2 won't they be sitting flush with each other, which leaves me scratching my head as how to start the next row. I've drawn it out and thought it out but just can't figure it out, any information would be greatly appreciated because I can't stop trying to figure it out now.

    3 replies

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    If you think of it as s nought and crosses grid. The horizontal bottom rails are 3 x 2 the vertical 6x2 so you have a 3 inch step up. Top rail is I cut a 6x2 length ways for that and used the other half on the top


    5 years ago

    That's a really pretty and functional feature you have there. :)

    1 reply