How to Make a Raised Bed Garden




Introduction: How to Make a Raised Bed Garden

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 I  first got this idea from a older couple i know. I just wanted it bigger. My ground has a lot of clay in it so i built up my first garden about 10 inches off the ground.My parents are getting older so i thought i would make them a smaller one so they wouldn't have to bend over a lot . It sure is nice for weeding not having to bend over.Also you don't have to worry about getting a lot of rain at once because it will drain out the bottom rather than flooding your plants.

Step 1: Cad Drawing

 This is a cad drawing of  the garden i am making.

Step 2: Legs and Outside Frame

I used (2) 2x8x12 
(2) 2x8x8
(4) 3 inch lags screws for each leg and made  the 8x12 frame.

Step 3: Installing the Joists

I screwed and nailed (8) 2x8x8   16inch on center joists.

Step 4: Finished 4x4 Legs

I cut 10  4x4 legs 36 inches long. Here i finished installing the rest of the support legs.

Step 5: Bed Frame

 I screwed 14  1x6 deck boards  to make the floor of the garden.

Step 6: Bed Preparation.

I then installed (2) 2x6x8 and (2) 2x8x12 to the inside of the 4x4 s for the above ground outside frame. Since i used pressure treated for the floor and sides i needed a barrier to separate the soil with the treated wood . So i double up 2 layers of 8mm plastic sheeting as my barrier between the soil and wood.

Step 7: Drainage Holes

I purposely left a 3/4 of a inch gap between each deck board for drainage. I drilled 1/4 holes through the plastic every 4 inches.

Step 8: Filler Up!

I bought (50) 1 cubic foot bags of topsoil to fill the box.

Step 9: All Finished



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    Nice raised bed. We made four raised beds last year. Are you finding that this one is too wide to reach the middle plants easily? We decided on 20 foot long by four foot wide beds, but at waist height. That way, no bending at all. As they start directly on the ground, we used a lot of stumps and large branches we had laying around the yard to fill the bottom and we only needed to add a little more soil to top them back up this spring. I was trying to convince my husband to do what you did and truly raise them off the ground, but he thought that the dirt would be way to heavy for the depth of the soil he wanted!

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    I can reach over 4 foot on each side to get to all the plants . As far as being to heavy i used 2 x 8s for the sides .And i dont have a problem with the weight. But i do understand what your husband was thinking . But no it handles it very well. My next one im using 2x10 sides.I would like to see pictures of your beds . Thank you Jim

    THe back part of the yard where the beds are, are really wet in the spring - and we are debating putting in our sandstone pavers between the beds. That way we don't have to try to mow it down when if finally dries! I take it the bottom of the beds have stood up well, you certainly have put in lots of support! I can see the 2X10 sides working well, gives you that extra depth! As you can see, there is no problem with depth in our boxes!

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    I'm surprised no one commented on this, but it's commonly advised not to use pressure treated wood for gardening. The pressure treatment chemicals (arsenic?) will leech into the soil and wick into the plant roots.

    That said, it is nicely done. With a raised bed, I would guess there are a lot fewer slugs. My raised bed sits on the ground, and I still get a few (but not so many as when planting directly in the soil.

    FYI even though your soil is clay, you can remedy that for about (or less) than what you spent. You would need to maintain a compost pile but it looks like you have room out back. We all throw away so much food scrap, cuttings, egg shells, coffee etc that you can get a really good pile going in one season. layer in some small branches for carbon between the soft stuff. After a year, turn this into your soil. Growing beans will also help break up clay and the roots help mix in nitrogen. Then you could do the next one without a bottom, directly on the earth.

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    Shouldn't be a problem these days.

    I like this plan very much, and the instructable was excellent. I am going to try a version of it it during the summer. Just like everyone else, I will make some small changes, picking up ideas from the comments, but I think you did a great job. Thanks

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    I am a senior at Neshaminy High School in Langhorne Pennsylvania. I am currently working on a project for my school, in which I will have a sustainable vegetable garden built. I have been looking for different designs for raised garden beds, I believe I have found that here. We will not begin construction until spring, but I will keep you posted.


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    Hey cool idea! I appreciate that you raised the bed for your parent ease of use.

    Depending how stable they are can the climb things well. once your garden is in and you have lots of plants growing. I think you will find that the plants in the middle are going to be hard to reach?

    If you reach search most grow beds ( raised ) can be reached by an arms lenght from each side. At this point i would leave a space in the center to walk so they can pick the veggies.

    I'm also concerned that your 1/8 inch holes will plugg up quickly. In most grow pots the wholes about an inch or so and then generally i put layer of gravel so the compacted earth doesn't plug the wholes.

    good luck and thanks for thinking of us older people!

    Hey check out the web for hoop house! this would adapt quickly to a green house and you could easily get the garden started a month or two early every year.

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    Agree: .just place wood raisers around the side to tack clear plastic too and it's a greenhouse. You can get started early each year. Great project!

    To cut down on the growth of weeds; use mulch between all plants. The mulch will also keep moisture in the soil.

    wow i might make one hey could add briick to outside for decor

    Grooooooooooovy idea! I have arthritis in my knees. Your invention would be a Godsend to people who can not kneel. you are so clever!

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