Raised Garden With Seep Irrigation System




I made this 16' x 4' raised garden out of lumber, perferated drain pipe, cloth sleave and two short pieces of PVC pipe. The irrigation system is designed to seep water that is put intot he drain pipe by the hose or watering can. It will equally distribute the water and will slowly relaese it from below the plants.



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    Hey there- I was thinking about doing something similar in my raised beds this year. How did this work for you last year? Any observations or improvements that you would want to make? I was thinking of using landscaping fabric...what did you make your cloth sleeve out of? Also, I thought of adding a little bit of a gravel bed, like a leach field to keep it from getting compacted around the pipe... did you have a pretty even perc? Thanks!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I garden orgaically and use a method called lasagna composting. After the summer garden is finished, I layer green and brown layers followed by black plastic and let it composte for the next season. Befor the planting in spring I use a 8 inch broad fork to losen the soil and provide for airation. I will just be careful when using the fork. Robert


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I like the concept, but have you considered how you will till or turn the soil for next year's garden? Will you dig out the pipe, till, then start over, or did you have another plan in mind? I used extensive drip irrigation the last few years, but it gets messy and complicated and hard to balance after a while (4 16ft beds).