Raising the Bed Rather Than the Roof!

Introduction: Raising the Bed Rather Than the Roof!

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She who must be obeyed pointed out that the storage boxes under the bed could not be removed.  Also the antique William morris carpet could not be stored out in the "shed"!

The problems were we now have carpet instead of the polished floor in previous home.  The frame of the antique bed had developed a small sag over the years. (OK, I am not going there, but doesn't gravity make many things sag over time ?)

A simple, cheap, unobtrusive and quick solution was needed.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials.

To complete this Instructable you will need the following tools.

9.9 mm (1 3/8" for the metrically challenged) spade drill.
An electric drill
Pencil and straight edge (I used the tongue of the square)


Timber off cuts.
Satin black spray paint.
A sheet of baking paper.

Step 2: Measurements and Layout.

I had some timber off cuts 60mm wide (approx 2.5") by 30mm(approx 1") thick.
This provided the cheap component.

I laid out 4 blocks 60 by 60.  Marked their centers (diagonals from corner to corner).

Step 3: Drlling and Cutting

Don't do as I do!!
Safety first !!!

Drill  4 holes holes 10mm deep.  See the picture. (you should clamp the timber to stop potential propellering at this step.)

Cut each block from the scrap timber.

Spray with satin black paint (the same as the bed).  This is so they do not stand out.

Cut 4 squares from the baking paper slightly larger than the foot print of the blocks.  (this is to ensure that the carpet does not get marked by the blocks)

Step 4: Paint

Spray blocks and allow to dry.  I just waited till touch dry.  hence baking paper in next step.

Step 5: Placement / Finished

Lift one leg of the bed and place the wheel on the bottom in the hole made by the spade bit.

I started at the head of the bed. This was because that was the most difficult to get at.

Next place a block under the diagonally opposite wheel (to make lifting the other Head end leg easier to lift, just rock the bed.)

This is followed by the bed head block and the remaining foot end leg.

Replace storage boxes with a space between them the length of the bed.


0 = bed leg
X = storage box
I = carpet

Presto problem solved.

Simple = A basic block ( even a block head like me could make it)
Quick = 20 minutes (Quicker than writing this Instructable)
Unobtrusive = block appears an extension of the leg. 
Cheap = $0.00 (as I already had timber of cuts destined for the skip and the spay paint left over from another job)

"Happy wife, Happy life"

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