Rajsthani Laal Maas

Introduction: Rajsthani Laal Maas

Laal Maas is a delicacy from Rajasthan, India. It is a royal dish. In earlier days, especially in the era of kings and Sultan's, during a hunt, the wild game meat, of Boar or Deer was used to prepare the dish. Now, lamb / mutton is used to prepare this Royal dish.

It is a very hot dish, and a lot of whole red chilies are used in it to prepare the dish.

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Step 1: Time to Prepare

Preparation Time : 4 hours

Cooking Time : 45 minutes

Serves: 4 people

Step 2: Recipe Ingredients

1 kg of Mutton, cut into 16-20 pieces;

300 grams of curd;

4 large size Onions;

1 teaspoon of turmeric;

12 pieces of garlic cloves;

2 teaspoon of ginger paste;

3 bay leaves;

3 pieces of black cardamom;

4-5 pieces of green cardamom;

2 medium piece of cinnamon stick;

5-6 pieces of cloves;

1 medium size mace;

150 grams of ghee or clarified butter;

3 tablespoon of oil;

1 teaspoon of kachri powder (Kachri is a wild variety of cucumbers and it helps to make the meat tender);

6 teaspoon of degi mirch powder;

4 teaspoon of kashmiri chili powder;

3 teaspoon of red chili powder;

15-25 whole red chilies (depending upon your taste you can add more or less);

1 teaspoon of garam masala powder;



Step 3: Recipe Preparation

> Wash the mutton pieces well.

>Take the mutton pieces and marinate it with salt, red chilli, powder, deghi mirch powder, kachri powder .

>Take the marinated mutton and put in in a refrigerator for at-least 4 hours.

>Take all the whole red chilies, and make a fine paste of it and keep it aside.

> Make thin slices of the onions.

> Cut the garlic cloves into small pieces. (You can prepare ginger-garlic paste as well; but in my opinion, if you will use small pieces of ginger and garlic, that will give a better effect in taste).

> Crush the mace in small pieces.

> After 4 hours or so, take a deep pan, preferably with a lid. Add white oil and add 3/4th of the ghee in it.

> When the smell of ghee is started to come out, add the bay leaf, black and green cardamom; cloves and cinnamon.

> Add the crushed mace in it.Saute all the whole spices for a while till fragrant.

> Add garlic pieces and ginger paste and saute till the raw smell of garlic disappears.

> Now add the sliced onion, and add pinch of salt to it.

> Saute the mixture for another 2 minutes in medium flame or till onion slices turn golden brown color.

> Now add marinated mutton, mix it well with all the whole spices and ginger-garlic-onion mixture and cook in the medium flame for another 12-15 minutes.

> Mutton will ooze out a lot of juices during this 12-15 minutes.

> When the mutton dries out a bit and is browned, add curd in it.

> Add red chili paste; degi mirch powder; red chilli powder and Kashmiri chill powder in it.Mix the entire mixture very well and cool it for another 4-5 minutes in medium flame, until it thickens.

> One can see the meat leaving the oil.Next add 3-4 cups of water and garam masala powder in it.Close the pan with the help of the lid and cook it in low flame for another 20-25 minutes.

> After 20-25 minutes, open the lid, and check if the mutton is cooked. If not, you may need to boil it for some more time.

> Put this entire Laal Maas in a serving dish.

> But this is not the end! After the mutton is cooked, turn off the flame.

> In another pan, add the rest of the ghee, and tamper it with 3-4 whole red chilies and 1 teaspoon of red chili powder.

> Pour the hot ghee with fried red chilli over the Laal Maas.Your

> Laal Maas is ready to serve and eat. Laal Maas will taste best with Bajre ka Roti or Naan. You can also eat it with plane white rice as well.

Step 4: Tips

> I haven't used any cumin powder or coriander powder.

> The mutton will be prepared from its own juice and curd.

> One can also add khas ka paani to make it even more tastier. To make it, take 3-4 table spoon of Khas(poppy seed) and add 10 table spoon of water in it, and keep it aside for overnight.

> Finally, remember, this is a very HOT dish. One can add red chilies as per taste.

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    well explained.Thank you for sharing.


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    Nice! It would be great to see some process photos for your next project/recipe! ;)