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Introduction: Rake/Leaf Grabber Combo

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This innovation is to a plastic leaf rake. The idea is to repurpose the leaf rake for gathering leafs, twigs and other yard debris after raking these items with the idea.

tools required

1. plastic leaf rake

2. marker (felt pen)

3. straight edge

4. Saw (jig or table saw)

5. screws (two 3" wood or deck screws, four 1/2" wood screws)

6. Drill (cordless or corded)

7. Drill bits (1/4" and 1/8")

8. Wood 1" X 1-1/2" X 12"

9. Metal rod 1/8" X 4-1/2"

10. Four 1/4" X 3" dowel rods.

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Step 1: Mark and Cut Rake

1. With straight edge and pen mark across the rake about 1-1/2" from base of handle hole.

2. Mark down the center of rake top to bottom between rake fingers.

3. With saw of choice cut the rake along the lines marked with pen.

Step 2: Mark the Wood and Cut

1. Place the two large rake pieces together on top of the wood and mark the angles

2. Mark the wood on both sides of the handle hole about 1-1/4" centered over the handle cavity.

3. Cut wood along the marked lines.

Step 3: Drill Holes and Install Dowel Rods

1. Drill two 1/4" holes on both side of center block.

2. Align the holes on the center block with both the side angle pieces and mark for drilling.

3. Drill 1/4" holes on marked side pieces.

4. Install the 3" dowel rods on the center block.

Step 4: Cut Holes on Center Block for Mounting

1. Drill two holes on center block as pictured.

2. Fasten the center block on the base of the rake handle with the two 3" screws.

Step 5: Fasten Rake Halves With Angle Blocks

1. Align the angle piece wooden block with the rake cut edge and angle edge.

2. Fasten with two 1/2" wood screws.

3. Same on other angle piece.

Step 6: Bend Rod Stock and Assemble Rake

1. Bend rod stock approx. 2-1/4" as pictured.

2. Drill a hole on each angle pieces approx. 1/4" and centered from edge as pictured.

3. Insert bent rod (c-shaped) into the two angle pieces.

Step 7: Operation of Innovation.

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    2 years ago

    Did you ever think about showing your idea to a company called Grommet ?