Ram Replacement for HP Notebook

Do you feel that your computer is a bit too slow? I will show you how to upgrade your ram and boost your speed.

Step 1: Before We Start There Are Some Things That We Need.

  1. A small set of screwdrivers
  2. The amount of ram you would like to install
  3. It must be DDR3L-1600mhz ram
  4. A small white tray

In this tutorial I will be using Crucial 8GB DDR3L-1600 SODIMM Non-ECC($39).

Step 2: Precautionary Tips

  1. Work on a flat surface

  2. Save and/or close all work, then shutdown your laptop

  3. Unplug any devices and remove AC power adapter from laptop

  4. Remove the battery by sliding the two latches to the left

  5. Make sure the bottom of the laptop is facing upward

Step 3: When Removing the Screws...

  • Place them in a white tray or a bright colored tray
  • Move them away from where you are working
  • With a white tray you won't lose the screws and they can be see easier

Step 4: Removing Back Cover

With the small set of screwdrivers remove the screws from the back panel. Then remove the inner panel to reveal the location of the ram.

Step 5: Time to Get to the Main Part

  1. If necessary remove screws that are covering panel
  2. With each of your of thumbs place them of each metal strip on the sides of the ram
  3. Push gently to the left or right respectively
  4. Carefully remove ram

Step 6: Now to Work in Reverse

  1. Take your ram and find where a notch is missing on the bottom
  2. Match it with the ram slots' notch
  3. Apply a small amount of force until it clicks in
  4. Gently push the ram down
  5. Replace panel if necessary

Step 7: Putting Everything Back Together

  1. Screw inner panel back in place
  2. Screw bottom panel back into place
  3. Flip computer

Step 8: Power On!

  • Push the battery in its slot until it clicks
  • Plug in the AC adapter and turn on power
  • Your computer may show a warning that more ram has been installed, ignore it.

Step 9: None of These Images Are Mine



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    It is always important to know how to upgrade and repair your stuff. My old laptop got a lot of water damage in a flood. But I was able to save it by just replacing a couple of parts.