Ramen Noodles With Egg (and Veggies)




Introduction: Ramen Noodles With Egg (and Veggies)

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Ramen noodles, or the equivalent, are found all over the world by many names. They are a quick easy meal that can be served warm, fried, as soup, a side or straight from the package. I’ve done them all, but my ‘go-to’ (and my kid’s favorite) way to eat ramen is as a soup cooked with an egg. The kids like it so much, I’ve found I can put vegetables in it and they still ask for more! I can’t say it’s healthy, but it does add substance and vitamins to a favorite ‘quick and easy” meal. This can be done, including prep-work, in under 5 minutes.

See below or check out my YouTube channel for one of my favorite ways to fix up ramen, then leave a comment telling me how you do it. Enjoy!

Step 1: Ingredients

Gather your ingredients - none of these need be exact in their portions.

  • Pack of ramen noodles – may be called by another name in your region (I prefer chicken flavor)
  • Water (according to package instructions – 2 cups for me)
  • An Egg
  • Veggies –(Some ideas: spinach, kale, shredded carrots, peas)

Step 2: Boil Water and Prep Vegetables

Measure the water per your package instructions – add the seasoning packet and bring to a boil. Starting with hot tap water speeds up the process. Prep your vegetables while you wait.

Step 3: Add the Noodles

When boiling, add the noodles. Sometimes it helps to break them up a little; it makes serving the ramen a little easier. Keep the heat on and bring to a boil.

Step 4: Add the Egg

Crack an egg into the boiling soup/water and then using a utensil, beat the egg up so it mixes slightly with the noodles – don’t mix it too well, just enough to break the yolk and mix the egg throughout. The boiling water is more than hot enough to cook the egg in a minute or so.

Step 5: Add the Veggies!

Add your vegetables. If you like veggies, feel free to experiment, otherwise just put in some torn up spinach or kale and/or some shredded carrots. Peas alone work well too. In this example I am using shredded carrots and torn spinach. Don’t overdue it though, it’s ramen with veggies, not veggies with ramen – the kids know the difference and won’t eat it if the ratios are too skewed – small victory!

You can add any vegetable you want, but some vegetables, like celery and zucchini, would do well to be sautéed before being added to what is otherwise a pretty “soft” meal. An under-cooked onion would probably stand out as a crunchy intruder.
Serve in bowls, and enjoy! If it is too hot for the kids, toss in an ice cube.


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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    I almost do this. I take the pot off the heat once the noodles are cooked then I break 2 or 3 eggs into the water as it is simmering down & I get poached eggs for each bowl. Yum! My Vietnamese friend taught me this trick with her instant noodles!


    Reply 4 years ago

    That does sound pretty good, I'll have to try it! I learned to put eggs in ramen while living in Fiji.