Ramp/Platform to Roll Wheel Barrow

Introduction: Ramp/Platform to Roll Wheel Barrow

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I had loads of Wood planks that was just taking space and I saw the contest for Reclaimed Wood, so I decided to make different projects. These wood pieces came from many different applications such as furniture, construction, support structure etc.. that were dismantled and put in a corner as there were no longer fit for their uses.

This one project is actually part of a bigger one where all of them will be entered for the contest.

I needed to push my wheelbarrow down steps and onto slabs but was quite difficult because of the uneven ground especially when the wheelbarrow is loaded that would easily stuck in the gaps between the slabs or even going down a step to tumble over.

Which is why I used wood piece plank to fill in the gap between the slabs and also build a ramp to go down and up easily.

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Step 1: Gather All Materials

Here are the list of things that are needed to complete the project.

-Wood planks.



-Wood Saw.

-Pencil or Pen to mark on wood to cut.

Step 2: Testing Phase

Before even assembling the ramp, I need to know if it will fit properly to facilitate my task instead of just creating another obstacle. From my previous builds of only securing wood pieces together on both sides, with pressure they crack very easily and thus fragile.

So I had to draw a plan of how to build everything to be solid enough for my tasks

From my pile of wood, I looked for three long enough small thick wood plate that I will use as base and then nail other wood to create a surface onto which to walk and roll on. After I found my wood pieces I laid them on the ground to see if the distance needed is satisfied and finally I stood on to see their strength.

After that I looked for the large wood planks that would be suitable for the application and stack them next to each other until it covers the distance that I need. Again I need to test to see it the ramp can withstand the weight so I stood on and jumped.

Testing phase done :)

Step 3: Assemble Test and Improve.

At this stage there is a small gap that was left and wouldn't matter much but since I was able to find a piece of wood plank I decided to add so that it covers the gap.

Time to assemble the ramp and to do that I just slide the wood planks in the order they were installed to the bottom. I did that so as it will be easier for me to fit everything in its place. Gather hammer, nails and begin to assemble everything.

Reasons why to assemble one by one are.

1 - On an unstable structure having all the wood planks on will be very uncomfortable to hammer in as the other planks would move around and might hurt yourself.

2 - It is very clearly that when hammering a nail in it will be very difficult to see the three smaller wood that will act as support for the other planks which needs to be hammered on top of the others. Assembling one by one will give better visibility and changes can be made early.

Once the assembly is complete it is ready to be put to use and when done can be removed and store somewhere else. Nails pointing outwards that can hurt someone, just be careful when storing the plank and handling it or try to find a way to prevent any harm.

Step 4: Filling the Gaps in Between the Slabs

To facilitate the moving back and forth through the slabs is quite difficult especially because of the gaps in between and not level. Since I didn't want to change anything and let the gaps with grass into as it is more beautiful, I decided to use my wood planks and use different thickness according to the height of the gaps and just lay them in between when I need to push the wheelbarrow and remove them when I don't need them.

Voila, Fini, Completed :)

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