Introduction: RandoPowerbank

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one week energy for my mobile/gps/MP3....

Step 1: Stuff

Li-Po battery from useless laptop,electronic circuit from old powerbank,wires,scotch......

Step 2: Connect All Parts

i build a pack batteries and i connect the electronic circuit.

Step 3:

This Powerbank have 15.400 mAh

seven batteries 2200 mAh connected in parallel

output max is 2A 5Volt USB

two days need for charging but you can use the powerbank for 10 days or above for all you need.

Thank you to watch



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    10 Discussions

    I don't get it how you wire it in series and still get to increase the capacity?

    7 replies

    Sorry man....an error in the text... !!!!

    the connection batteries is in Parallel,not serial....

    2200 mAh for every batt at 3.7 volt for seven batt = 15.400 mAh but the voltage not change!! the circuit boost the current 3.7 at 5.0 volt output on USB!



    Exactly. According to this article, you have increased the voltage but kept the same capacity in series. That's what I'm not getting...

    How is it charged?
    How about protection from overcharging the batteries?

    1 reply

    electronic circuit cam to a old powerbank !!