Random Assault Rifle

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Hello once again and I have brought to you which In my opinion is my best gun yet. It features something new that I have never seen done to an assault rifle, it uses a semi auto sling shot mech that has a high rate if fire very accurate long range and has a removable mag nothing on this gun is new but different types of things have been put into one ultimate gun.

Super long range (120+ feet)
High rate of fire (I can empty a 8 round mag in 2.4 secs)
Removable 8 round mag
Super comfy handle
Look absolutely awesome
Very sturdy
Comfy stock
Evenly balanced
Smooth trigger
Jams rarely
Very reliable

Can be hard to place rubber bands back on trigger

Overall this was a very fun gun to shoot but I would not recommend this set up for a battle for it can be difficult to reload and is built to be some thing fun that slings k'nex accurately a good distance and rapidly.

This is my second entry to the rods and connectors contest so please drop a vote for it is extremely appreciated

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Completely agree, a pin gun can't get more than 80ft, without any amazing trigger mech that is really strong.

    Saying that, the gun looks great and you should work on this gun, make lots of versions, a sort of series, improving it, because it is a grat baseline gun, if that makes sense.


    Its not a pin gun, it's a semi auto rubber band powered gun that hits a bullet out of the mag. I am considering doing a series just not to this.


    5 years ago

    I like it, although the handle is quite strange in my opinion.

    1 reply
    Lucas The Bossdidexo

    Reply 5 years ago

    Strange but very comfortable don't forget to vote