Random Life Hacks

Introduction: Random Life Hacks

There is the quote, "necessity is the mother of invention" that comes to mind. There is also the line, "I invent things to make my life easier so I can increase my laziness." I like that last one. So here are a few life hacks that I came up with to make my life easier so I can spend more time being lazy.

Step 1: Bubble Wand

My child loves to play with his bubble wand. However as you can see in the first photo this was not always the best idea. So if you have a metal watering can or a terracotta pot just put the wand inside so the container with the bubble solution can sit inside and the child with developing motor skills only need to hold onto the wand.

Step 2: Like the Box; Hate the Label

So you want to ship something out and have a great sized box, and it is covered in labels. Use a hair dryer to heat up the label so the adhesive warms up so pealing off the label is easier. This can also work for tape on the box.

Step 3: SEE ME!!!

I ride my bicycle to and from work, and my clean cloths are in my backpack. However when the sun is not out and I am riding in the dark some people may not see me, so I have a solution. At Christmas time they have battery powered LED stings of lights. I had one and wrapped it around my backpack, and when it is dark out I turn the lights on to flash (that's why it looks like only some of the lights are lit). I know they work because someone heckled me about being festive when I was riding my bike not long ago.

Step 4: Beer Bottle Cover

If anyone has spent any time on this site knows about the beer bottle in the planter trick. That's fine but when people see it they see a beer bottle in a planter. I simple grabbed some tape and a piece of my kid's construction paper, made a tube, and slipped it over the bottle. I haven't but you could write on the paper what is in the planter, and people don't have to see what you drink. They don't need to know.

So that's it so far. If I come up with any more life hacks I'll share.

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