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About: Currently low on my free time. I'll try to post what I can and hope you enjoy making each one. My main joy is Lego's Bionicle series, and regular Legos by extension. Anything that's mechanized I'll love, eve...

Intro: Random M.O.C.

Just a random, winged, M.O.C. I made one day I'd like to share. I'm not much for names though, so I don't think I'll be giving it one.

Step 1: Lets Start With the Body

Step 2: Next Comes the Right Arm Pt. 1

Step 3: Right Pt. 2

Step 4: And Now the Left Pt. 1

Step 5: Left Pt. 2

Step 6: Then the Right Leg Pt. 1

Step 7: Right Leg Pt. 2

Step 8: Next the Left Pt. 1

Step 9: Left Pt. 2

Step 10: Here's an Optional and Final Part... Wings

Sorry for the bad camera shots



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    I thank you for the compliment.