Ranger Rolling T-shirt




Introduction: Ranger Rolling T-shirt

Ranger rolling your t-shirts will save you space and don’t take long to do once you get the hang of it. You can do this with just about any t-shirt that you have. I do this all the time when I pack luggage because it’s simple and will save space. I couldn't get the pictures right, they turned to the left for some reason.

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Step 1: Lay Shirt Flat on Table.

Step 2: Roll the Bottom Up About 2 to 3 Inches All the Way Around and Fold Sleeves Inward.

Step 3: Fold Left Side Over.

Step 4: Fold Right Side Over the Left Side.

Step 5: Flip Shirt So That Collar of the Shirt Is at You.

Step 6: Roll Shirt Tightly From Top to Bottom.

Make sure its a tight roll all the through.

Step 7: Grab the Flap and Pull It Over the End of the Roll.

Step 8: Finished.

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    26 days ago

    This looks great for travel!