Ransom Note Present - Giftnapping




Turn boring gift wrap into a unique, colorful ransom note. Giftnap: Hold a gift hostage for a deceptive surprise with a really personalized touch.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need a wrapped gift; plain wrapping works best, but anything will do
Scissors or an Exacto knife; I prefer the exacto
Glue (or tape if you want)
Old magazines you don't mind destroying
An envelope
An unsuspecting friend or loved one

Step 2: Wrap Your Gift

Start with a wrapped gift.  I like the paper to be as plain as possible, I used scrap copy paper, but any paper will do.  If you have a weird shaped gift, box it before wrapping as you will need the ransom note surface to be flat for photocopying.

Step 3: Compose Your Threat!

Figure out exactly what you want to say in your ransom note before you start cutting.  Figure out what you want for ransom, I asked for gelt (chocolate gold coins), but you can also make them do funny things for payment (sing "It's Raining Men", or admit their undying love for Justin Beiber).  

Step 4: Cut Out the Letters

Using an exacto knife or scissors cut out the letters for your note from old magazines.  I like to use different fonts and shapes within each word, it makes you seem a little crazier and then maybe your demands will be taken to heart.

Step 5: Glue Letters Onto Wrapped Gift

Glue or tape the letters to the front of the wrapped gift.  

Step 6: Photocopy the Ransom Note

Photocopy the ransom note, I recommend black and white.

Step 7: Give Photocopy to Friend

Put the photocopy in an envelope and give it to your friend.  They have to honor the ransom before receiving the REAL gift.  And then they will have earned their gift.  You will either be seen as hilarious or crazy... but either way no one will forget that present.



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    Haha, love it!

    "hand over that subscription and everything will workout fine!" ;-)