Rapid Rooter White Substance Removal

Introduction: Rapid Rooter White Substance Removal

If you have a white powder or white substance on the surface of your hydroponic rapid rooter, I have the solution.

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Step 1:

According to www.southeasternhydro.com, this stuff on the rapid rooter is a fungus.

To remove this, you simply use an eyedropper with hydrogen peroxide solution 3% and put it onto the plug surface. The hydrogen peroxide will not harm your seedling, and it is an environmentally safe disinfectant alternative to bleach.

Step 2:

After a couple of treatments, carefully rinse off the rapid rooter with warm water to remove the fungi spores.

Source: http://southeasternhydro.com/rapid-rooter-white-substance

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    3 years ago

    Cool, I didn't know that's what that was! :)