Raspberry Blink

About: Hello! I'm Lorenzo Daidone, a student of the IIS Italo Calvino in Genoa, Italy. I love Arduino, Raspberry and all around the DIY electronics.

Intro: Raspberry Blink

In this tutorial you'll learn how to do a simple blink with Raspberry Pi.

Required material:

  • Raspberry Pi (with keyboard, mouse...)
  • Breadboard
  • GPIOs-Breadboard connector or two male-female jumpers
  • 5 mm led
  • 120 ohms resistor
  • male-male jumper

Watch following steps for step by step instructions.
If you only want the code click the file below:

Step 1: Plug SD

Step 2: Plug HDMI

Step 3: Plug Ethernet

Step 4: Plug Keyboard and Mouse

Step 5: Plug Micro USB to Power the Board

Step 6: Connect GPIOs to Breadboard

Pay attention to the Raspberry Pi pinout! Follow properly the diagram!

Step 7: Breadboard Wiring Up

Step 8: Run Code

In shell write:


And then:

sudo python .py

To stop run source code press:


Visit my site for more: http://estro.co



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