Raspberry PI Model B Simple Zero Cost Heat Sink

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Hi everybody.

This is a simple zero cost heat sink for the Raspberry Pi and you can made it with materials that you can find very easy.

Lets start.


Step 1: Materials - How to Do It - Thoughts

We will need:

  1. ARaspberry Pi model b. Raspberry Pi
  2. An aluminum plate taken from an old pc power supply.
  3. A rubber hair.

Very easy to do it. Just place as best as you can the aluminum plate to the raspberry pi and use the rubber hair to hold it tight. You can also use a zip tie instead.

I used my old Raspberry Pi model b which have the memory stacked above the core cpu and that way i am cooling both of them.

To test the temperatures i used Openelec with the Raspberry Pi for about 60 minutes, downloading apps, streaming videos and listening music. The results was as below:

  1. With the heat sink maximum temperature 97F = 36C
  2. Without the heat sink maximum temperature 108F = 42C

If you planing to overclock your Pi just buy a couple of heat sinks, they costs about 1-2 euros each.

Have fun.



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