Raspberry Pi


Introduction: Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi is a low-cost, small computer that allows you to explore the world of computing.

What you're going to need...

- Raspberry Pi device.
- HDMI Cable and supporting monitor
- USB Keyboard and Mouse
- MicroSD card and a card reader
- Power Supply
- Ethernet Cable
- Switch/Router

Step 1: Getting Started With Raspbian

What you will need for this step...
-MicroSD Card
-Card Reader

1. Download Operating System image from Raspberry Pi website.

2. To get Raspbian onto the MicroSD card you must first download the operating system onto another computer and transfer it over to the MicroSD Card with the Card Reader. This can be done using Etcher which will allow you to burn the image of the operating system onto the MicroSD Card.

3. Install Raspbian by downloading NOOBs - "New Out Of Box Software":
- Place the MicroSD Card into the Card Reader or Monitor.
- Download NOOBS - Pick the "Offline and Network Install" option. This includes Raspbian in the download itself.
- Extract the ZIP file and copy all of its contents from the folder to the MicroSD Card. Once finished, eject the MicroSD Card and then it'll be ready to be inserted into the Raspberry Pi device.

Step 2: Connect the Raspberry Pi Device

The next step is to hook up the raspberry pi device with all the necessary equipment. It is important to note that these steps must be done in a specific order so when the device boots up it can recognise all the added devices that have been connected.

What you will need for this step...
- Raspberry Pi
- HDMI Cable + Monitor
- USB Keyboard + Mouse
- Ethernet Cable
- Power Supply

1. First is to connect the HDMI Cable to the Raspberry Pi and the monitor.
2. Connect all USB devices necessary such as the keyboard and the mouse.
3. Connect to the router with the Ethernet cable.
4. Finally, plug in the power adapter and you are good to go!

Step 3: Set Up Raspbian

1. The screen will ask you to install the operating system.
- Click menu in top left corner.
- Select 'preferences' from dropdown list.
- Select 'Raspberry Pi Configuration'.
- Choose the language and keyboard layout for your region.
- Click the checkbox next to the Raspbian + click install.

2. Let NOOBs run the installation process. (Note: This can take 10-20 minutes to complete)

3. Device will ask you if you want to reboot - click yes and then it will send you to the Raspbian desktop - This is where you can configure everything else.

Step 4: Configure Raspberry Pi

1. Set up the WiFi connection and all Bluetooth devices necessary.
To connect to the WiFi network
- Click the icon in the top right corner.
- Select the WiFi network name and enter the password.
To connect to the Raspberry Pi remotely
- Connect to Command Line through SSH.
This will allow you to connect to the Raspberry Pi's command line interfaces using SSH from any computer.
You can run any type of command from the terminal application on another computer and it'll execute on the Raspberry Pi.

This is a great way to connect to the Raspberry Pi without having a monitor, keyboard, or mouse present.



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